Pahquioque Rod & Gun Club

Wooster Mountain Shooting Range, Danbury Connecticut
Established 1899
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A squad of up to 5 individuals shoot single targets from fixed positions (1-5), 16 yards behind the trap house. The positions are called stations or posts, and are 3 yards apart. The stations are positioned in an arc, and each individual shoots one shot in turn, until all have taken 5 shots. After completing the 5 shots, all shooters move to the next post, and so on, until all positions have been used, for a total of 25 shots per round. Targets are clay discs approximately 4.25” round, are thrown from the trap house on the command of “Pull!”, and travel over 40 mph. Shooters never know the angle of the target prior to its release, and can be anywhere within the 88° arc. Targets should be hit about 33-35 yards from the station or post. From any station, the shooter will experience a variety of target angles.


The handicap game is shot similar to 16 yard, with a variation in the distance of the shooting position from the trap house. The shooter is assigned a “yardage” from 18-27 yards based upon known ability. The intent of handicapping is to make shooters compete on an equal basis. The greater the yardage, the more difficult the shot.


The doubles game involves shooting a pair of targets in succession. The pair are simultaneously thrown at a fixed angle, and is shot from the 16 yard line. Success requires quickly seeing the first target, breaking it , and moving to the second